Legal services

We provide our clients with legal security in the digital and technological fields by being continually updated with new business models, trends and legal challenges.

Our services integrate and give a comprehensive view of legal aspects related to Digital Law, offering customized solutions and delivering added value to our clients.

Our areas of expertise are:

Data protection

The Information Systems of both businesses and professionals must comply, among others, with current state and European legislation regarding Protection of Personal Data, which aims to guarantee and protect civil liberties and fundamental rights of individuals.

Compliance with these laws and regulations eases the continuity of any business model by optimizing and protecting corporate and personal data.

Legycom offers a broad consultancy service with a team of lawyers and technical consultants specializing in Data Protection.

The services offered are as follows:

  • Adaptation of the Information Systems to the Data Protection regulations;
  • Legal and technical audits of Information Systems;
  • In-house training and creation of Data Protection committees;
  • Legal counselling and support in disciplinary proceedings by data protection authorities (Spanish and Catalan Data Protection Agencies); and
  • Ongoing legal advice and consultancy.


Online platforms (websites, apps, etc.) must comply with the legal requirements established by the legislation on Electronic Commerce, Information Society Services, Consumer Rights and sector specific regulations (if applicable) linked to the business model.

At Legycom we offer our customers quality legal advice providing comprehensive and practical solutions in all aspects related to services delivered via online platforms.

The services offered are as follows:

  • Adaption of online platforms to laws and regulations: legal notice, privacy policy, cookies policy, etc.
  • Legal counselling on the sending of commercial communications by electronic mail;
  • Legal advice on regulatory issues regarding online advertising and online marketing activities;
  • Legal counselling on international service delivery;
  • Legal counselling and support on Consumer Rights; and
  • Legal advice on online business development.

Protection of intangible assets

An entity’s intangible assets (website, content, domains, trademarks, know how, etc.) require a legal strategy allowing appropriate action for effective and adequate legal protection.

Therefore, we offer quality legal advice in all aspects relating to the protection of these assets.

At Legycom we offer the following services:

  • Copyright defence, both nationally and internationally;
  • Contracts assigning copyright exploitation rights;
  • Licences for use;
  • Management and protection of trademarks, patents, designs and utility models at national, EU and international level;
  • Infringement claims;
  • Domain disputes; and
  • Online platform protection (contents included in websites, apps, blogs, etc.).

Technological contracts

Contracting technological services requires an ongoing legal protection to achieve a successful conclusion.

We offer legal advice and support to formalize the following technological contracts:

  • Cloud Computing;
  • Software Licence Agreements;
  • Maintenance Agreements;
  • Custom Development Agreements;
  • Outsourcing; and
  • Escrow Agreements.

Reputation 2.0

It is important that companies, institutions and individuals monitor and tackle possible illegal actions in the digital environment that violate their privacy, honour and personal image to preserve and improve their online reputation.

At Legycom we offer the following services for the defence of our clients’ online reputation:

  • Adoption of measures against possible future damages;
  • Request for removal of derogatory or damaging comments, weighing freedom of speech and freedom of information;
  • Protection of minors;
  • Online reputation crisis management;
  • Defence against attacks of brands on social networks and other online platforms;
  • Representation in claims concerning the right to honour, privacy and personal image to protect their reputation over the Internet; and
  • Legal advice on developing policies to report illegal content, identity theft, etc.

Corporate compliance

The increase in digitalization of businesses entails certain negative risks, such as, criminal offenses, sanctions, economic loss, reputational crisis, etc.

Our compliance service includes:

  • Quality assessment on legal risks faced by companies and institutions developing all or part of their business over the Internet;
  • Implementation of effective systems and adaptation to the legal framework;
  • Criminal risk assessment; and
  • Adaptation to international standards.